Volunteers / Students

Student Guide:

  • How long shall it be?
  • 3 to 6 months, 1 year is the best option.
  • How is it designed? We have workers, volunteers and members/helpers, everytime here and then. The student will be working as a volunteer, but with more focusing on the learnship, so we could have a person capable of producing high quality food with high productivity in our organic terms, which improves life above all, outside our farm.
  • What are the topics of study? We will study updated technics with old ancestry wisdom. This means we are also on the 21st century but dealing with the plants connected spiritually as done through the history of humankind, cooperation, not competitiveness, altruism, not ego. Understanding the hole cycle of nature, the deep influence of the season into all the plants we do in the farm. We try to do a massive abundance of diversity, having different permanent species around/cornering our short/mid-term plants, which we prepare the soil carefully. Different composting is all being used around, most internally generated. Animals are integrated into crop more and more efficiently, as we build up a better rotation system around our fields. The ph is controlled by nature, as we preserve abundance of nutrients, letting some plants fulfill completely their seeding process and also adding wide range of minerals, as sand, ashe, coffee rest, rock powder, to compensate previously years of degradation before Solawi. We sow, plant, transplant, harvest, irrigate and repair/construct almost every year round. We count with 1 glasshouse (main sow nest, quickpots), 2 folienhouses, 5,5 hectares of vegetable, 2,5 hectares of mixed crops (grains, green manure for animals and rotation) and 1 hectare with trees/bushes, from very old ones to young, fresh transplanted.
  • What do we offer here and what to do you pay for? Actually, you will receive a room, with access to food, water, energy, internet, and as always many more small things that makes life a little bit better and easier. In return, we ask to work at 30h per week. This means in true that some of this hours will be taking for self learning (we have a bibliotek available). Most of the learning is practical and few on books/internet. All is up to your curiosity, you can ask anything, anytime. Complain, or suggest constructively.Your price to pay is 0, but you will be selected amongst people if we do not have available places. Take this as a unique opportunity, such as a temple, a place of nature sacerdotes.

You can find us on the travel platform workaway. info as well. Check our feedbacks 🙂

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